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Review Vietnix hosting after 1 year of use




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After over 1 year of using Vietnix Hosting for website projects, it is now suitable for Bii to provide a review of the hosting quality. In this article, Bii shares information and real-life experiences when using the hosting service of this company.

Vietnix is a reputable and reliable hosting service provider with decent quality in Vietnam.

Vietnix is a reputable and reliable hosting service provider with decent quality in Vietnam.

Introducing Vietnix

Vietnix is a service provider for Vietnamese websites officially operating since 2012. With over 10 years of operation, it is a reputable service provider that many users trust, including Bii.

Vietnix’s current services are quite diverse, such as:

  • Hosting Services for Business: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers
  • Domain Name Sales Service
  • SSL certificates help verify and enhance website credibility protection
  • Firewall service to prevent DDoS attacks and protect websites from hackers and cyber attacks.

In this article, Bii will provide a detailed evaluation of Vietnix’s Share hosting service. Currently, Vietnam offers three hosting packages to the market: basic hosting, premium hosting, and hosting for businesses.

Vietnix's affordable hosting is quite good, with the lowest package costing only $0.22 per month

Vietnix’s affordable hosting is quite good, with the lowest package costing only $0.22 per month

Real-life experience using Vietnix hosting after 1 year of use.

Đánh giá chất lượng của 1 đơn vị cung cấp hosting phụ thuộc vào 4 yếu tố chính đó là:

  1. Operational performance
  2. Customer support service
  3. Additional amenities in service package
  4. Hosting costs

Let’s delve into 4 factors so you can feel whether Vietnix’s hosting is worth the money spent or not.

Hosting speed performance

Bii is currently using the Business 2 hosting package with 10GB NVMe storage capacity, which is a pretty good hosting package. The uptime rate has achieved 99.8% in over a year of use, although occasionally there are some glitches or lags, and the issues are quickly resolved.

Throughout the usage period, the speed of the hosting has always been maintained at a stable level, all of Bii’s websites hosted on this platform are accessible anytime, anywhere. Vietnix hosting uses LiteSpeed Webserver technology, providing good stability and optimized page loading speed. Overall, Vietnix’s hosting gives Bii a sense of stability and rarely experiences downtime. However, the website’s speed performance is only at a moderate level, not too impressive.

Performance rating (4/5):

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Vietnix hosting has fairly good performance speed and stability

Vietnix hosting has fairly good performance speed and stability

Customer Support Service

“This is the strength of this provider. Throughout more than 1 year of use, Bii has encountered quite a few technical issues, but most of them have been resolved very quickly.

Currently, support is provided through the support ticket system in the Vietnix Dashboard interface. In addition, Vietnix also supports live chat directly on their website. Any questions you have will be answered in just a few minutes.

Finally, the service attitude and customer support of Vietnix are very good and friendly to customers, which is a point that Bii highly evaluates compared to other hosting providers on the market.”

Customer service rating (5/5):

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Vietnix's strength lies in quickly resolving your support requests within just a few minutes.

Vietnix’s strength lies in quickly resolving your support requests within just a few minutes.

Promotional utilities included.

When using Vietnix’s hosting service, you will be offered many famous and popular plugins and themes for the WordPress platform as bonuses

  1. Elementor Pro: The current number one page builder in the world helps you design with drag and drop style without coding knowledge (only applicable for customers using premium/business hosting packages)
  2. WP Rocket: The most widely used website caching plugin in the world, this is the national speed-boosting plugin
  3. RankMath SEO Pro: Comprehensive SEO optimization plugin for websites, according to Bii’s evaluation, RankMath is even better than both Yoast SEO and Bii is using RankMath for all of his projects. Refer to the RankMath SEO review article here
  4. WPML: A very famous multilingual support plugin in the market, helping you create multi-language websites and manage them incredibly easily
  5. Astra theme and all accompanying Astra utilities: this is a WordPress theme at the forefront of WordPress with incredibly diverse customization capabilities and very good page loading speed
  6. MyThemeShop layout store: about 80 free themes from MyThemeShop for you. MyThemeShop’s themes are very famous for their SEO-friendly and especially super light.

Ngoài ra còn khá nhiều plugin tiện ích khác mà Vietnix hỗ trợ cài đặt hoàn toàn miễn phí cho bạn. khi bạn sử dụng dịch vụ hosting của họ. Theo đánh giá của Bii thì kho giao diện, plugin này đáp ứng hơn 90% nhu cầu website của hầu hết mọi người

Đánh giá tiện ích đi kèm (4.5/5):

Vietnix's collection of free themes and plugins is quite diverse and useful.

Vietnix’s collection of free themes and plugins is quite diverse and useful.

Hosting price

The price is always the top concern for anyone before deciding to spend money to buy products or services. At the time of Bii’s purchase in March 2022, Vietnix had a promotion offering a lifetime 40% discount for all hosting, however, at present, this promotion is no longer available.

Instead, the Business hosting package for enterprises is only discounted by 5%. Currently, other providers such as Azdigi are offering very attractive price promotions, with Azdigi’s hosting packages discounted up to 50% to compete. Therefore, in terms of product pricing/hosting configuration, Bii only ranks average compared to Vietnam.

Price rating (4/5)

Hiện tại Hosting Business chỉ được giảm 5%, So với tháng 3/2022 được giảm đến 40%

Currently, Hosting Business is only discounted by 5%, compared to March 2022 when it was discounted by up to 40%.

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Pros and Cons of Vietnix Hosting


  • High stability, rarely experiencing downtime, ensures the website operates almost continuously 24/24.
  • The included themes and plugins are of great quality, helping you save quite a bit of money.
  • The customer support team operates 24/7, which is the highest point of evaluation for Vietnix.
  • There are various hosting configurations suitable for a diverse range of customers, from students to businesses.


  • The hosting speed is not particularly outstanding.

Features available in Vietnix Hosting

Good hosting always comes with many useful features for users. When you buy hosting from Vietnix, you will be provided with extremely helpful features that any website needs.

Provide free SSL

You won’t have to spend money buying SSL certificates to increase the security of your website. With Vietnix, their hosting package includes free installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL, which helps you save a lot of money on SSL certificates.

Automatic data backup

This is a very necessary feature for a website. It helps protect your website in many unforeseen circumstances (such as being hacked, or accidentally damaging the website…). With a backup feature of up to 14 days, you can be completely assured about the possibility of losing data. In addition, supporting data backup from hosting also helps you limit the use of another backup plugin, making your website lightweight and faster to load.

DDoS protection support

Vietnix is a professional security service provider, so all of its hosting packages are supported with DDoS protection. This helps to keep your website safe and minimize the risk of network downtime and disconnection, which can impact the user experience when accessing the page.

The familiar cPanel interface has been replaced by Jupiter

The familiar cPanel interface has been replaced by Jupiter

Question about Vietnix hosting

Is Vietnix hosting free?

No. The cheapest hosting package of Vietnix currently costs $0.22 per month. This is the lowest paid hosting package on the market that Bii has seen

Does Vietnix Hosting have a trial mode?

Yes. Vietnix provides free trial of their hosting packages for customers for 3 days. After the trial period, you will receive a payment invoice to continue using the service.

When should I use Vietnix hosting?

You should consider using Vietnix hosting if you fall into the following case:

1 – The website mainly serves customers in Vietnam.
2 – Wishing to find a reputable and stable hosting provider with limited security risks and network downtime.
3 – With low financial capability, Vietnix offers a hosting package at an extremely cheap price of only 0.22 USD per month, which can be considered the lowest on the current market.
4 – If you want to use high-quality plugins and themes such as Elementor Pro, RankMath SEO Pro, Astra, etc., you should consider purchasing Vietnix Hosting as it offers free plugins and themes.

Thus, Bii has provided detailed and comprehensive information on Vietnix hosting services. This is also the hosting service that Bii is using for his website projects. Overall, according to Bii’s review, Vietnix hosting is extremely stable and of good quality. The dedicated support team and numerous free plugins and themes also help optimize SEO for your website.

I hope this article provides enough information to help you make a decision on whether or not to choose Vietnix hosting!

Bii Nguyen

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