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8 ways to make money with WordPress




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Make money with WordPress has become very popular worldwide. The open-source WordPress platform is now among the top 15 best money-making websites in the world. This lucrative land has helped many people earn income from it. In this article, Bii shares all the information and ways to make money, who knows you may find the most suitable type for yourself.

Why earn money with WordPress?

You cannot earn a lot of money when the market is not large enough, but with WordPress, market scale is not something to worry about. According to current statistics, WordPress is responsible for more than 40% of the number of websites worldwide, meaning that WordPress is the number 1 open-source in terms of popularity. The market of users who use the open-source platform WordPress is very large, creating opportunities for many people to jump into this potential market.

This is an extremely accessible platform for everyone, even for those who have no knowledge about websites or coding. This is also the main reason why Bii encourages everyone to start with WordPress, not any other website platform if they want to generate income from it. To sum up, some of the reasons why you should start making money through WordPress can be listed as follows:

  1. Easy to approach, suitable for everyone including those without knowledge of coding
  2. Diverse ways to earn money compared to other types of jobs
  3. The market scale is huge, you can earn a lot of money if you have a suitable plan and persevere

We will go into detail about the most popular ways to make money through the WordPress platform below.

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how to Make money with WordPress

The WordPress market size, with over 40% of global websites, is very promising

WordPress website design service

This is one of the most common services to make money with WordPress. The demand for website design services is high, therefore making money from website design services is a popular choice among users.

An advantage of designing websites using the open-source WordPress platform compared to other platforms is that it is quite easy to learn and design a basic WordPress website yourself with just a few days of learning and studying. Other platforms require a longer learning time and are more complex, thus limiting the number of people who can participate.


  • High-demand, easy-to-find customers
  • Not requiring advanced coding skills, you can design a website with a beautiful interface just by using a simple drag-and-drop page builder
  • Website design cost is cheap because WordPress is free
  • WordPress has a vast library of template designs, making website design faster and simpler compared to hand-coding platforms.


  • The number of people providing the same service is high, leading to fierce competition
  • Depending on each customer’s personality, sometimes you may encounter very unpleasant, demanding customers
  • It is difficult to use WordPress to design a large-scale system website. WordPress is suitable for small and medium-sized websites
Make money designing websites for WordPress clients

Make money designing websites for WordPress clients

Write content/blog

This is also a common way to help you earn money through the WordPress platform. Currently, Bii is also writing blogs and earning income from this job. Writing blogs and creating content can bring in a good income if you choose the right potential market niche capable of generating high income.

By writing blogs, you can earn money through the following methods:

  1. Placing ads on your blog, like Google Adsense, means that as your number of posts and website traffic increases, so will your advertising revenue over time.
  2. You can also rent advertising banners on your website and receive monthly payments from interested parties.
  3. When your website has high traffic and good SEO optimization, you can also make money through guest posting, where other parties pay you to publish an article and place a backlink to their website.
  4. Another way to earn money is by inserting affiliate links from partnering companies, where you will receive a commission when a customer successfully makes a purchase through that marketing link.


  • Earnings increase over time, depending on your creativity and persistence
  • There are diverse sources of income, and you can earn money from the 4 types of income mentioned above by Bii
  • The amount of money you can earn is unlimited unlike other jobs, and this is a stable and sustainable source of income even when you sleep
  • It does not cost a lot of money to build a blog, it all depends on your persistence and ability to write and create content.


  • It takes a lot of time to build a successful blog with good traffic, usually, it takes about 6 months to see changes in revenue.
  • You need a lot of technical optimization for your website, also known as SEO, to help your website and blog posts rank high on search engines.
  • Revenue mainly comes from natural traffic from search engines (Google, Bing…). You will likely be penalized and lose traffic every time Google changes its algorithm.

In general, writing a blog can bring relatively stable and sustainable income, but to achieve success, you need to put in a considerable amount of effort and time compared to other types of earning money.

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Writing a blog is a task that requires a considerable amount of time investment

Writing a blog is a task that requires a considerable amount of time investment

Building an e-commerce store

WordPress supports you in creating an e-commerce store very simply just by installing additional plugins like Woocommerce (this is the number 1 plugin for WordPress in building stores with over 5 million downloads). Here you can directly publish your products or you can take products from anywhere else to advertise on your website.

To make more money from building a store on your website, you need some knowledge to optimize your products (Schema, content for products…), and similar to blogging, your revenue will gradually increase over time and there is no limit to income because it depends on website traffic.


  • High customization ability allows you to sell any product you like
  • Various types of products and services from multiple platforms (Affiliate, Dropshipping, Order…)
  • Easy product changes according to trends help increase revenue compared to manually coded websites


  • When the quantity of products is large (> 10,000 products), it affects the website’s performance, making it load slowly
  • A large amount of content and images takes a lot of your time and effort to complete
  • After a long period of time (which could be up to 6 months), you will only receive revenue from the first order from natural search (SEO).

Building an online store website requires a significant amount of time and effort. Bii’s advice is to begin with a niche product that you have expertise and knowledge about.

Building an e-commerce website with WordPress is extremely simple with the Woocommerce plugin

Building an e-commerce website with WordPress is extremely simple with the Woocommerce plugin

Place Google Adsense advertising

This is the simplest form of making money that does not require too much technical knowledge or effort from the website owner. However, according to Bii’s evaluation, this is also a form that brings in less revenue compared to other ways of making money on WordPress.

The number one advertising platform today is Google Adsense, which is very familiar. By inserting a Google Adsense tracking code, the ads will automatically be displayed on the website. Each time a user accesses the website and clicks on that advertising banner, they will be rewarded a commission according to the regulations.


  • Not much time and effort is required for registration.
  • Sustainable revenue over time increases as the website develops.
  • Suitable for websites with good traffic, blogging websites, and news websites.


  • Displaying advertisements on websites causes discomfort for users.
  • Low revenue from ad placement.
  • The conditions for reviewing ads are pretty high, some websites that do not meet them will be rejected by Google Adsense for cooperation.
  • To have good revenue from ad placement, your website needs to have stable and high traffic.

To limit the risk of rejection from Google Adsense and other platforms, you need to build a website that conforms to SEO standards, is user-friendly, and has a relatively sufficient amount of content (> 20 high-quality articles).

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Google AdSense is currently the number-one advertising platform

Google AdSense is currently the number-one advertising platform

Sell online courses and instructional materials

This is a very good way to make money and it is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, with the advantage of bringing in very good revenue. You can earn a lot of money from this type of business model, and in addition, you will enjoy almost 100% of the sales revenue as the courses are digital products with not much cost like traditional physical products.

The type of product for the field of courses is also very diverse, from courses teaching soft skills, training mindset, website design instruction, SEO optimization, and Digital Marketing… depending on the ability and understanding of each person to choose a suitable niche and build a lecture system.


  • Revenue generated is high compared to other sales methods for other units
  • You build the content system only once and then make money from it
  • The costs are low, all you need is the ability to convey content and the time to build it


  • Skills and an in-depth understanding of the field of education are necessary
  • It requires various skills such as video editing, image editing, and public speaking…not suitable for those who are new to making money with WordPress
  • To be able to sell courses, you must become a KOL in that field, as no one will buy a course from someone without influence.

In general, this is a job that provides very good income, but in order for you to make money from it, it requires quite a lot of skills and you need to achieve a certain level of influence in the field that you are sharing about.

Bán khóa học mang lại doanh thu cao và chi phí bỏ ra rất thấp

Selling courses brings high revenue and requires a very low cost.

Optimized SEO service

This is a service that helps you earn a lot of money steadily. Nowadays, optimizing websites for SEO standards is increasingly emphasized so that the website can bring in more traffic and convert it into revenue. Therefore, optimizing SEO is a mandatory criterion that websites must achieve.

Optimizing SEO is a broad concept. Basically, to optimize the website for search engines and users, you need to optimize both on-page and off-page. However, in this article, Bii will not share much about the form of SEO optimization as it will make the article lengthy.


  • Earning a lot of money depends on the difficulty of the field
  • The demand for SEO optimization is increasingly important and necessary, and the number of websites that need to be optimized is high, which helps you quickly get customers


  • The requirement is quite high, requiring extensive knowledge of on-page and off-page SEO optimization
  • It is not suitable for beginners with WordPress
  • In some highly competitive markets, it may be not easy to meet client goals
  • The service completion time is long, and customers are likely to change their minds and cancel the contract.

This is an advanced field of WordPress, however, the amount of money you earn is worth the efforts and time you put into becoming an expert in SEO optimization

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SEO optimization requires quite a few complex techniques and high specialization

SEO optimization requires quite a few complex techniques and high specialization

Theme and Plugin Developer

WordPress is a fertile ground for developers to create applications such as themes and plugins. As the most popular open-source platform in the world, the number of themes and plugins currently available has reached tens of thousands and continues to grow daily.

Becoming a developer is a great option if you have deep programming knowledge and creative thinking. Creating high-quality themes or plugins that bring value to the WordPress community (such as the Flatsome theme or Elementor plugin) can earn you a lot of money. In addition to earning cash from customer purchases, you can also earn money from renewals of themes and plugins over the years. This is a stable and sustainable source of income over time.

However, to achieve success and make a lot of money, you need many specialized skills and expertise. Of all the ways to make money with WordPress, this is one of the most difficult.


  • Sustainable and increase revenue over the years
  • Earn a lot of money if you create high-quality products that the community trusts


  • High competition
  • Requires specialized knowledge of code and a strong team to be able to create the best products

Becoming an application developer is only for a few individuals- a group of specialized and knowledgeable members about code. This is not a suitable choice for most WordPress users

Creating a good product will bring developers a lot of money

Creating a good product will bring developers a lot of money

Other ways to make money with WordPress

In addition to the 7 main ways of earning money that Bii mentioned above, there are many other income-generating jobs around WordPress. Some typical examples of other WordPress revenue-generating services that you can refer to include:

  1. Service that supports error fixing and security: WordPress websites often encounter technical errors because they are a combination of themes and plugins, leading to common conflicts. In addition, most WordPress users do not have coding knowledge, which can lead to errors and website malfunctions.
  2. Website management service: Many websites are created without the owner having the time or knowledge to manage them, in which case they will hire support units to take care of their websites.
  3. Service that requests additional features and plugins: With the need to expand website features and unavailable plugin sources, website owners will rely on other units to develop plugins that support certain requested features.
Regular bug and security flaw fixing service for WordPress

Regular bug and security flaw fixing service for WordPress

Above are the 8 most popular ways of making money through the WordPress platform currently. Hopefully, this article provides enough information and helps you choose the most suitable ways of making money for yourself.

Bii Nguyen

Hello everyone, I’m Bii Nguyen – the founder of this website. The website was created with the desire to spread useful knowledge to everyone.

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