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This article shares information about the plugins, themes, and hosting that Bii used to build the website on the WordPress platform. It also serves as a reference for those who want to learn and design a similar website. The three essential components for creating a basic WordPress website are Hosting, Theme, and supplementary Plugins. Detailed information will be presented below.

Post interface for the website Biiviet.com

Post interface for the website Biiviet.com

Hosting – Vietnix

Hosting is the storage container for all website data (text, images, videos, source code, etc.). Therefore, hosting is an important factor that determines the website’s stability.

Biiviet.com is currently using Vietnix’s hosting storage service. For those who do not know, Vietnix is a hosting service provider that has been established since 2012 and is one of the most stable hosting providers in Vietnam.

If you are designing a website and targeting customers in Vietnam, then Vietnix is a suitable choice. After using this service for over a year, Bii is quite satisfied with the quality and stability of the service.

If you are designing a website and targeting customers in Vietnam, then Vietnix is a suitable choice. After using this service for over a year, Bii is quite satisfied with the quality and stability of the service.

  1. Elementor: The world’s number one page builder today with over 5 million downloads.
  2. WP Rocket: The world’s most popular caching plugin, known as the national speed booster plugin.
  3. RankMath SEO Pro: A plugin that supports comprehensive SEO abilities for websites. Bii is also using RankMath for its projects. You can refer to the RankMath SEO review here.
  4. WPML: A language translation plugin that helps you build high-quality multilingual websites.
Vietnix is a reputable and stable hosting service provider in Vietnam

Vietnix is a reputable and stable hosting service provider in Vietnam

Theme – Cwicly

“If hosting is the area that stores the entire website’s data, then the Theme is the main framework interface, the root that creates a visual interface for users. It can be said that the Theme is the most important component of the website, success or failure largely depends on the Theme you use for the website project.

After 7 years of researching and testing dozens of different Themes of all genres from blogs, and magazines to e-commerce stores, Bii finally chose Cwicly as the Theme to build the website that you are currently seeing. So what is Cwicly? What makes it stand out from thousands of other themes on the market?”

Pros of Cwicly.

  • The theme works perfectly with Gutenberg.
  • Includes ACF Pro for free, enabling flexible dynamic content creation on the website.
  • The theme is extremely lightweight and can be customized in every aspect of the website.
  • Optimized for SEO and provides a comprehensive user experience.

Cons of Cwicly.

  • It takes a considerable amount of time to learn and become proficient in it.
  • It is not suitable for individuals who prefer using page builder tools like Elementor or DIVI

Overall, Cwicly is a very good theme for those who are planning to build a website in the fields of news, magazine, personal branding, and business pages. However, for e-commerce stores, Cwicly has not yet completed all the necessary features.

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Cwicly is a powerful toolkit that helps you customize everything in WordPress.

Cwicly is a powerful toolkit that helps you customize everything in WordPress.

Plugin usage

Speaking of WordPress, support plugins cannot be ignored. Plugins are add-ons that help websites complete missing features. The plugins that Bii is currently using for the website are:

Ajax Search Pro

This is an Ajax search plugin (without reloading the page) that helps enhance the user experience on the site by enabling customers to quickly find product information, thereby increasing the conversion rate. Any website should have this Ajax search feature to improve SEO.

Pros of Ajax Search Pro

  • Quite lightweight
  • Fast data retrieval capability
  • Displaying results directly in the search bar is very convenient.


  • The advanced search feature is only available in the paid version, the free version has many limitations on important features.
  • The management interface is a bit complicated and difficult to access for new users.
Ajax Search Pro is a convenient plugin that enhances SEO experience.

Akismet Anti-Spam

“In fact, Bii did not intend to install the plugin. However, this is the default plugin of WordPress when installed, and its main function is to filter spam comments on the website, which is quite useful, so Bii decided to activate and use it.”

The list of plugins that Bii is currently using on the website biiviet.com

Hreflang Manager

“This plugin is specifically designed for multilingual websites. If you do not use two or more languages, then there is no need to install this plugin. This free plugin helps you mark hreflang tags to declare the language to search engines for a specific post. Bii’s website is currently using two languages, Vietnamese and English, which is why this plugin is being used.”

Hreflang is a plugin that creates hreflang tags to mark the language of a webpage

Easy Table of Contents

This is a useful plugin that helps create a table of contents for articles, marks Heading 1,2,3,4 tags for articles, and makes it easier for users to find the information they need. This is a completely free plugin. If your website mainly focuses on sharing articles, then this is an indispensable plugin.

Easy Table of Contents is a very good plugin for creating article's table of contents.

Fluent Forms

The plugin supports creating information forms similar to Contact Form 7. Use Fluent Forms to create email collection, user address, and phone number forms to generate data for future marketing activities.

Pros of Fluent Forms

  • Lighter than Contact Form 7
  • Easy to use, highly customizable
  • Compatible with most themes
  • Has a free version


  • Limited feature free version
Fluent Forms is a very good user information collection plugin

RankMath SEO

This is a plugin that maximizes the website’s SEO optimization capabilities. According to Bii’s evaluation, it is currently the most powerful SEO plugin, with full features necessary to optimize on-page such as automatically adding alt tags for images, optimizing titles and descriptions, creating canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content, creating sitemaps… and many other utilities.

Pros of RankMath

  • “A pretty good free version with complete features.
  • Lighter than most other SEO plugins (WP Rocket, AIO SEO…)
  • Exclusive features such as Content AI help optimize the quality score for articles.
  • User-friendly interface with modem management to enable/disable functions.”


  • Sometimes there are errors with the sitemap creation function.
  • Deleting a category can cause errors if not handled properly.

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RankMath is currently the most powerful SEO plugin.

Seraphinite Accelerator

And finally, an essential all-in-one website speed-boosting plugin cannot be missed. Its features are similar to those of WP Rocket and Litespeed speed-boosting plugins. However, Accelerator performs better in optimizing websites, improving both actual speed and significant scores.

Pros of Accelerator

  • Completely accelerate the website with just a few clicks.
  • Greatly improve search engine score.
  • Impressive preload cache capability, helping customers access the website quickly from the first time.
  • Optimized without breaking website structure like other plugins (Nitro Pack, Swift Performance…).
  • Free version available.

Cons of Accelerator

  • The price is a bit expensive compared to other speed-boosting plugins. The free version only allows for 5,000 visits and has an annoying advertisement banner at the bottom of the page.

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Accelerator is an important plugin for build the websites on the WordPress platform

Questions and Answers about Biiviet.com.

Are the above plugins the best?

No. These are just plugins that Bii finds suitable for the website and after using them, they really improve the user experience and optimize SEO capability.

Can I use other themes and plugins in my posts?

Yes. The Bii plugins listed in the article are very popular and compatible with most WordPress themes on the market.

Bii Nguyen

Hello everyone, I’m Bii Nguyen – the founder of this website. The website was created with the desire to spread useful knowledge to everyone.

Products in the article

Vietnix – Hosting

Fluent Forms

Seraphinite Accelerator

Cwicly Toolkit

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