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Top 3 Best Vietnamese Hosting Providers




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Hosting is an essential component to help your website operate steadily. Currently, there are dozens of hosting service providers in the Vietnamese market. So, which is the best hosting service provider in Vietnam?

Share the 3 best Vietnamese hosting service providers

Share the 3 best Vietnamese hosting service providers

What is a good hosting?

Hosting is a crucial component that significantly affects the speed and experience of customers on your website. Using a low-quality hosting service will cause your website to frequently lag, freeze, and even worse, experience server downtime. This will prevent customers from accessing your website and they will likely search for information on another, more reliable website.

To evaluate and score the reliability and quality of a reputable hosting service, you can consider the following criteria:

  1. Customer support before and after service registration
  2. Actual uptime/downtime operating time
  3. Hosting configurations such as CPU, RAM, SSD/NVMe data storage disk
  4. Price/performance ratio
  5. Additional utilities integrated with hosting (Free SSL, automatic data backup, gifted plugins, themes….)

In addition, there are quite a few other criteria to evaluate the quality of hosting providers. Throughout nearly 7 years of working with Vietnamese hosting providers for more than 40 website projects, Bii would like to mention the top 3 best hosting providers in Vietnam, including Azidigi, Tinohost, and Vietnix. These are 3 service providers that meet almost all of the quality evaluation criteria for hosting mentioned by Bii above, with specific details for each provider listed below.

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Hosting is the main factor that determines the loading speed of a website

Hosting is the main factor that determines the loading speed of a website

AZDIGI – The best Vietnamese hosting between performance and cost

This hosting service provider was established in 2016 by a well-known name in the WordPress community in Vietnam – blogger Thach Pham, who has a lot of experience in the WordPress field.

As a specialized hosting provider for WordPress websites, Azdigi’s infrastructure technology is well-invested. Hosting here fully meets your needs with dedicated hosting configurations such as CPU XEON V4 and NVMe hard drive for the best load capacity. All hosting packages of Azdigi use the Litespeed webserver technology for impressive speed performance.

Pros of Azdigi

  • Great price, currently offering a program to double the storage and reduce service price by 40%
  • High speed is very suitable for websites targeting users in Vietnam
  • The utility package includes plugins and themes worth up to $1800, including many famous plugins such as WP Rocket, RankMath SEO, and WPML…
  • Free SSL security certificate, support for automatic data backup
  • Fast and professional support team
  • cPanel dashboard is user-friendly for most users

Cons of Azdigi hosting

  • Like most Vietnamese hosting providers, the access speed for international users is quite slow.
  • There are not many promotional programs, incentives, or discounts for customers using the service

Review of Azdigi hosting

At the time of Bii writing this article on May 19, 2023, Azdigi’s sales policy and service prices are really good compared to about 2 years ago. With the same amount of money spent, you will get x2 SSD/NVMe capacity, which helps you save quite a lot of money.

In addition, Azdigi is currently applying a lifetime 40% discount policy for AZ Pro 1, AZ Pro 2, and AZ Pro 3 hosting packages. This is really an attractive price compared to other hosting providers such as TinoHost or Vietnix.

Currently, Bii is using hosting from Vietnix and just renewed it, but maybe in the future Bii will switch to using Azdigi’s services. The price and performance are really good.

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logo azdigi

With modern technology and strong investment in infrastructure, Azdigi’s hosting service quality is very good. This is a provider trusted and used by many WordPress communities in Vietnam.

Performance (4.5/5)

Price (5/5)

Customer service (4.5/5)

Promotional utility (5/5)

AZDIGI is currently the best hosting provider in Vietnam.

AZDIGI is currently the best hosting provider in Vietnam.

TinoHost – Unicorn in the Vietnamese hosting industry

With the criteria of providing cheap and suitable hosting services for everyone, TinoHost is a quality hosting service provider. Although only appearing on the market since 5/2019, TinoHost has brought high-quality hosting services that are affordable.

TinoHost’s hosting configuration is strongly invested, with a processor from AMD EPYC accompanied by NVMe Raid hard drives, which helps TinoHost’s hosting have the good load-bearing capacity and excellent stability. The company also guarantees an uptime of up to 99%.

Pros of TinoHost Hosting.

  • A cheap hosting package for only $0.39/month is very suitable for Ladipage websites.
  • It has high speed and excellent stability compared to most current hosting providers in Vietnam.
  • The cPanel hosting management interface is friendly and easy to use.
  • It supports free malware scanning and provides free SSL certificates.
  • The service also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of TinoHost

  • Price is no longer cheap compared to Azdigi.
  • Overcrowding users on shared hosting packages causes the speed to no longer be as good as before.

Feelings about TinoHost

According to Bii’s actual experience, TinoHost deserves to be one of the top 3 best hosting providers in Vietnam alongside Azdigi and Vietnix. TinoHost’s most vital point is being a newly emerged provider equipped with advanced hardware configuration, bringing the best speed and stability performance.

However, the biggest advantage and “slogan” of TinoHost, which is providing cheap hosting services, is no longer accurate. Specifically, the SSD Hosting 4GB package is priced up to 5.21 USD/month, while the cheap AZ Pro 4 package from Azdigi offers twice the SSD up to 0.42 USD/month storage for only 4.13 USD/month. Truly in terms of cost/performance, Azdigi is still better.

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logo tinohost

Regarded as the unicorn in the Vietnamese hosting industry, TinoHost truly stands out in terms of quality compared to most other providers.

Performance (4.5/5)

Price (4/5)

Customer service (4.5/5)

Promotional utility (4.5/5)

TinoHost is a stallion that brings superior strength and stability hosting.

TinoHost is a stallion that brings superior strength and stability hosting.

Vietnix – The most stable hosting service

Vietnix has been providing hosting services since 2012, with over 10 years of experience in providing hosting services for businesses. It is a popular choice among the web design community, with the criteria of being both good quality and affordable.

Currently, Bii is using the services of this provider. After 1 year of using the service, Bii feels that this is an extremely reputable hosting provider with very high stability, with uptime of up to 99.8% over the past year.

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Pros of Vietnix

  • High stability, rarely experiencing downtime, allowing the website to operate continuously for almost 24/24.
  • A good selection of themes and plugins is included, helping you save a considerable amount of money.
  • 24/7 customer support team, which is the aspect that I highly appreciate about Vietnix.
  • Offers various hosting configurations suitable for a diverse range of customers from students to businesses.

Cons of Vietnix hosting

  • The hosting speed is not outstanding

Comment on Vietnix

At the time Bii purchased Vietnix hosting was in March 2022. At this time, Vietnix was offering a lifetime discount of 40% for all their hosting packages (Bii was using the HOSTING BUSINESS 2 package), which was truly a good price compared to the performance it provided.

However, at present, Vietnix no longer offers the 40% discount promotion for Business and only applies it to their cheaper hosting packages. This is quite unfortunate and also a note to consider when choosing Vietnix as your hosting provider.

logo vietnix

Their top advantage is stability and super-fast support ability. There are hardly any hosting providers in Vietnam that can support them faster than them.

Performance (4/5)

Price (4/5)

Customer service (5/5)

Promotional utility (4.5/5)

Vietnix is a reputable and professional hosting provider accompanied by excellent stability

Vietnix is a reputable and professional hosting provider accompanied by excellent stability

You should use Vietnamese hosting when

In general, the hosting service in Vietnam is developing very strongly compared to before, the hardware technology along with the infrastructure of domestic hosting is increasingly catching up with hosting around the world. You should register for Vietnamese hosting services if you are in the following cases:

  • The majority of customers are domestic: this is the main reason for choosing a Vietnamese hosting provider, with the advantage of using domestic hosting being the lack of worry about cable failure affecting page loading speed. Additionally, the page loading speed of domestic hosting is also better than foreign hosting due to shorter geographical distances and lower signal delay.
  • Vietnamese language support service: the second equally important reason is the support service in the Vietnamese language, which helps you to solve problems in most cases very easily. Meanwhile, when using international hosting services, you need to know English to communicate, and the time zone difference also affects the support capability.
  • Abundant resource repository including high-end paid plugins and themes: this is also an advantage that I see Vietnamese hosting providers doing very well, which is that when you use their services, you will be supported with the installation of high-end paid plugins and themes, helping you save a lot of money while still being able to use premium features.

If you don’t fall into the above main reasons, it’s totally possible to choose international hosting services for your website project because the price, quality, and infrastructure of international hosting are always better than in Vietnam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hosting is better, Vietnam or international?

Regarding technical specifications and pricing, international hosting is much better and of higher quality than Vietnamese hosting. However, when it comes to page loading capability and stability during cable outages, Vietnamese hosting performs better.

When should I use Vietnamese hosting?

You should consider using domestic hosting when
1 – The majority of your audience is domestic
2 – You are not proficient in international language communication, using domestic hosting will make it easier for you to receive support and advice in the same language.

Which Vietnamese hosting provider is the most worth buying according to you?

This is Bii’s personal opinion. If he were to choose a hosting provider to start his website project, Bii would choose Azdigi because they currently have a promotion offering a 40% discount on hosting prices and double the storage space. It’s really a great deal.

Bii Nguyen

Hello everyone, I’m Bii Nguyen – the founder of this website. The website was created with the desire to spread useful knowledge to everyone.

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