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5 Best Hosting Services for WordPress Websites




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Hosting is an indispensable component and plays an extremely important role in a website. Hosting is the main factor that affects website loading speed, impacts SEO ranking, and directly affects the user experience and revenue. What are the best hosting providers in 2023? Let’s explore in detail information about reputable and high-quality hosting providers with Bii.

The Bii article mentions the list of the best hosting providers

Dreamhost – WordPress recommended hosting

Dreamhost is a leading web hosting provider in the world, founded in 1997 and operating for over 25 years. It is one of the longest-standing hosting providers in the world.

Dreamhost’s hosting services have been trusted by the WordPress community and is one of the recommended hosting providers by WordPress because it is fully compatible with the WordPress platform.

DreamHost provides professional hosting packages with many features such as quick WordPress installation, free SSL certificates, email package, DNS management, and many other features. DreamHost is also well-known for its good security and high reliability, allowing users to be confident about the safety and security of their data.

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Pros of Dreamhost

  • Competitive pricing and quite affordable. With just $2.95/month, you can get an unlimited website hosting package, free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth…
  • Dreamhost’s refund policy is incredibly generous, up to 97 days.
  • Hosting operates stably, with uptime of up to 100%.
  • Receive a free domain name when purchasing hosting.
  • The WordPress Unlimited package is currently available for up to 79% off.

Cons of Dreamhost

  • Limited data centers, none in Asia, significantly affect website speed for customers in this region.
  • Configuration speed is average compared to other hosting providers.

Dreamhost review

As one of the few hosting providers recommended by WordPress, Dreamhost is a suitable choice for designing websites using the WordPress open source code.

In addition to stable quality and 100% uptime, Dreamhost’s price is also a strong point. With just $2.95/month, you can own a full Shared Hosting package with unlimited domains and storage capacity. This is quite suitable for beginners with WordPress who do not have a lot of money like Bii.

logo dreamhost

DreamHost is one of the top hosting and storage service providers in the world. With over 25 years of experience in providing storage services, Dreamhost is a web hosting provider recommended by WordPress.

Performance (4/5)

Price (5/5)

Customer Service (4.5/5)

Extra Utility (5/5)

Dreamhost's shared hosting service is cheap and highly stable.

Dreamhost’s shared hosting service is cheap and highly stable.

HostArmada – The unicorn in the Hosting village.

HostArmada is a high-quality cloud server and web hosting service provider from the United States. HostArmada offers free domains, free SSL certificates, custom servers, high-level security, and 24/7 customer support.

This new hosting service provider appeared on the market in 2019. Although young, HostArmada has quickly become a prominent brand in cloud data storage.

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Pros of HostArmada

  • Powerful configuration with the latest advanced technology to maximize website speed.
  • 70% discount promotion for new customers, helping you save considerable money.
  • The free domain name is included in the hosting package.
  • Commitment to the lowest number of Users per server compared to other hosting providers helps HostArmada’s Shared Hosting increase stability and achieve the best possible speed.
  • Familiar and easy-to-use cPanel interface
  • Worldwide Data Centers reduce website latency and increase page loading speed. Currently, there are 9 Data Centers in total
  • Free SSL certificate, up to 21-day data backup, and many other integrated utilities included in their hosting package

Cons of HostAramda

  • The renewal price is high, and you will only receive a 70% discount for the first time.
  • LiteSpeed server is only available in the highest-tier Shared Hosting package, Speed Reaper. This means that using a lower-tier service package such as Start Dock and Web Warp will significantly slow down your website’s speed.

HostArmada review

This is a high-quality hosting provider that Bii used in 2020. The first impression is that the page loading speed has improved significantly. Previously, Bii used HawkHost but was not satisfied with the speed. Since switching to HostArmada, the page loading issue has been resolved.

Although HostArmada only appeared on the market in 2019, compared to the average level, this young hosting provider’s service quality and technical infrastructure are really good. HostArmada has always been among the top providers of the best storage services in 2020, 2021, and 2022. They can be considered unicorn in the Hosting industry.

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logo hostarmada

HostArmada is a typical phenomenon in the field of providing website hosting services. With a strongly invested infrastructure, it is one of the world’s best hosting service providers.

Performance (5/5)

Price (4/5)

Customer Service (5/5)

Extra Utility (4.5/5)

The current price list of HostArmada

The current price list of HostArmada

Kinsta – Speed is the number one priority

Kinsta is a leading server hosting service provider, particularly well-known for providing dedicated hosting for WordPress. With professionalism and advanced technology, Kinsta has built a high reputation in the WordPress community and is highly regarded by customers worldwide.

Kinsta’s server hosting stands out for its performance and speed. They use high-quality servers and advanced network infrastructure to ensure that your website operates smoothly and quickly. With a content delivery network (CDN) system of over 275 POP, your website can access high-speed connections anywhere in the world.

Pros of Kinsta

  • Speed and stability are Kinsta’s greatest strengths
  • With its own hosting service management platform, you can manage multiple WordPress website projects very conveniently
  • Kinsta provides super-fast customer support with a response time of fewer than 2 minutes, and a satisfaction rate of up to 97%
  • Its global CDN data distribution network is suitable for all websites, helping your website load as fast as possible

Cons of Kinsta

  • Expensive compared to most other hosting services, not suitable for beginners and those with a limited budget

Kinsta review

Kinsta is one of the strongest and most reliable hosting service providers in the world, similar to SiteGround and WP Engine. Kinsta’s target customers are websites with high traffic that require maximum page loading speed optimization to generate revenue, suitable for e-commerce stores.

Despite its high price, Kinsta is really good in terms of fast speed performance, 100% Uptime, and a professional support team. This is a premium hosting provider, not suitable for beginners who are building websites with low traffic.

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logo kinsta

One of the best web hosting service providers in the world similar to SiteGround and WP Engine. With over 275+ content delivery network (CDN) points to help your website load quickly everywhere.

Performance (5/5)

Price (3/5)

Customer Service (5/5)

Extra Utility (5/5)

Kinsta is one of the best hosting providers

Kinsta is one of the best WordPress hosting providers

InterServer – Stable hosting with good quality

InterServer is a US-based hosting service provider that has been operating for 24 years since its establishment in 1999. They have provided storage support solutions to millions of websites worldwide.

InterServer offers a wide range of configurations that meet the needs of website owners, from blogs to e-commerce sites and corporate sites. Currently, InterServer uses LiteSpeed server technology for stable performance and maximum speed.

Pros of InterServer

  • Extremely cheap price, Shared Hosting package for only $2.5/month
  • The price is currently being promoted with a discount of up to 65%. Hosting provides full necessary features such as a free SSL security certificate, 7-day data backup, Virus scan, and DDoS protection…
  • High stability, InterServer commits to providing up to 99.9% uptime
  • The professional support team helps you quickly resolve issues

Cons of InterServer

  • Data Centers with limitations are only available in the United States, which affects the loading speed of websites worldwide
  • The performance speed is average compared to other hosting services

InterServer review

This is a hosting provider that is good for beginners who are starting to build websites and have financial limitations. The low price and many utilities integrated into the hosting service will help you save a lot of money.

In addition, the professional technical team supports 24/7/365, and server uptime of 99.9% is an incredibly impressive number for a price of only $2.5/month. If you are targeting customers mainly from America, InterServer is a very reasonable choice, performance/cost is truly worth the money you spend.

logo interserver

InterServer is a hosting service provider based in the United States. With over 24 years of experience, InterServer has become one of the most stable and affordable hosting providers with good quality.

Performance (4/5)

Price (5/5)

Customer Service (5/5)

Extra Utility (4.5/5)

For only $2.5/month, you will have access to full features with InterServer

For only $2.5/month, you will have access to full features with InterServer

Hostinger – The most popular affordable hosting provider

Hostinger is the cheapest hosting service provider in the market that Bii has ever known. With just $1.99/month, you can own a hosting package with up to 50 GB SSD memory and full necessary features such as a free SSL certificate, weekly automatic data backup…

Hostinger is the fastest-growing provider in the market in 2020. Up to now, there are millions of customers worldwide, and it can be said that this is the strongest hosting service provider in terms of marketing at present.”

Pros of Hostinger

  • Cheap, incredibly cheap, this is perhaps the cheapest hosting provider currently available
  • Native language support while most other hosting services only support English
  • Data Centers all over the world to help with hosting speed.
  • A rare provider that offers free hosting services, is 000webhost.com.
  • Many pricing segments are suitable for various needs from simple blogs to e-commerce stores

Cons of Hostinger

  • The hosting performance quality is unstable compared to other hosting providers. Downtime happens frequently
  • Currently, Hostinger has a large number of users, causing their Shared Hosting package to overcrowd with many users, resulting in slow and overloaded websites

Hostinger review

“In general, Hostinger is the most popular service provider currently, with cheap prices and strong marketing helping this company reach a lot of customers. This is the number one choice for those who want to start building a website without spending too much money on hosting or simple blog sites that don’t require strong hosting configuration.

One of Hostinger’s strengths is its native language support team, depending on each country. This is a strength of Hostinger compared to other hosting providers, as other hosting services only support the English language.”

logo hostinger

Hostinger brings a distinct advantage as the cheapest web hosting provider in the market with a support team that speaks the native language of that country.

Performance (3.5/5)

Price (5/5)

Customer Service (5/5)

Extra Utility (4.5/5)

Hostinger is the number one choice if you want to find cheap hosting

Hostinger is the number one choice if you want to find cheap hosting

Choose the most suitable hosting

Choosing the right hosting service is very important as it directly affects the conversion of the website and impacts your revenue. Opting for a premium hosting package for basic needs will lead to a waste of your resources and money.

If you choose a low-configuration hosting package with a Data Center located far away from the targeted region of the country, it will cause your website to frequently overload, resulting in downtime that negatively impacts user experience and SEO optimization on search engines like Google and Bing.

If your demand is only to create simple websites such as blog pages, or introduction sites, you can choose the low-cost hosting services of Hostinger, InterServer, and Dreamhost; they will well meet your needs. If your traffic primarily comes from the Americas, we recommend you use InterServer and Dreamhost, as these are two WordPress-recommended hosting services with better performance and stability compared to Hostinger.

If your website is an e-commerce site with a lot of products or has fairly high traffic (around >50,000/month), Bii recommends that you should look for higher-end hosting services like HostArmada with the Speed Reaper package. Bii has used the Speed Reaper package before and found it to be really powerful as well as bringing stability to the entire website.

And if you want your website speed to always be the fastest, and you are able to pay for premium service with a value of > $50/month, then Kinsta is the number 1 choice. With Kinsta, your website is always at the highest speed and stability.

Choose a suitable hosting option to save money while still delivering the best performance

Choose a suitable hosting option to save money while still delivering the best performance

Commonly asked questions about Hosting

Is hosting the same as VPS?

Yes. Basically, Hosting is a term that encompasses VPS as well, but in the article when referring to hosting, it usually means Shared Hosting, which is the lowest-level product of Hosting

What factors make for the best hosting?

To assess the quality of the best hosting, you need to rely on the four most important criteria: price, performance, customer support service, and additional features. The best hosting is the one that meets the above criteria.

Does hosting affect SEO?

Yes. Hosting directly affects the page loading speed of a website, while website speed is an important criterion for evaluating website quality by search engines.

Thus, through this article, Bii has shared the best hosting services based on their perspective and actual experience. Hopefully, this article provides enough information to help you choose the most suitable hosting service for your own website project!

Bii Nguyen

Hello everyone, I’m Bii Nguyen – the founder of this website. The website was created with the desire to spread useful knowledge to everyone.

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