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Accelerator – The best caching plugin for WordPress websites




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After trying many cache plugins to speed up the website, Bii finally found a high-quality WordPress website acceleration application called Accelerator, which may still be unfamiliar to most people. In this article, Bii will analyze and introduce in detail this amazing acceleration plugin.

Test website speed with Accelerator using the Google Pagespeed Insights video.

What is Accelerator?

A few notes about plugins

This is a cache plugin that helps speed up websites developed by Pavel Nechaev from Latvia. As observed during my work with WordPress, this is a lesser-known plugin. One day, while browsing the internet, I accidentally found this plugin. After installing the free version and experiencing it, I was truly impressed with the performance it provided.

The main task of the Accelerator plugin is:

  1. Optimizing CSS and JS helps reduce website size, thereby increasing website loading speed significantly.
  2. Creating a cache memory buffer helps customers access the website quickly and does not overload the hosting.
  3. Optimizing website performance increases the score on website testing tools such as Google, GTmetrix, Pingdom, etc.
  4. Improving the real user experience, instead of taking more than 3 seconds to access and find the desired content, it now only takes ~1.5 seconds.

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Speed up your WordPress website comprehensively with Accelerator

Speed up your WordPress website comprehensively with Accelerator

Why did Bii choose Accelerator?

I am someone who always likes to explore the best things, with a passion for WordPress, always striving for the best possible page loading speed performance. Another important reason is that page loading speed is a crucial criterion in SEO (search engine optimization).

In addition, fast speed equals shorter waiting times for your customers, which provides a good user experience.

  • To help improve page loading speed with excellent quality, Bii compared its Accelerator cache plugin with other well-known ones such as WP Rocket and Flying Press. Accelerator performs slightly better in performance and scores on Google tools.
  • The biggest strength of this plugin is its ability to warm up (Preload cache) to provide a smooth experience for first-time website visitors. You can experience it directly by accessing Bii’s website at https://biiviet.com.
  • One advantage of Accelerator is that during the website optimization process, it will not break the structure or layout of the interface on mobile devices or computers, providing customers with the best possible experience.

Product price

On the free version, there is a limit of 5,000 visits per month. Accelerator also has a premium version with unlimited access and the removal of banners at the bottom of the page. Currently, there are three paid versions available:

  • 57.41 Euro/1 website/year
  • 186.58 Euro/5 website/year
  • 717.63 Euro/25 website/year

Overall, this is a slightly higher price than WP Rocket, Flying Press, and Swift Performance plugins. However, the value it brings is totally worth the money you spend. Let’s discover the detailed pros/cons of Accelerator below.

Pros and Cons of the Accelerator Plugin

Pros of Accelerator

  • The ability to accelerate impressively, better than most other plugins
  • Has a free version
  • Optimize the website without breaking the layout or article structure
  • Real speed improvement for users, not just fake scores Ability to preload cache – extremely fast, first-time visitors <1.5 seconds
  • Fully automatic setup, not as complex as other plugins, you only need to set it up once, very suitable for inexperienced users
  • Free version with full features like premium paid version.


  • The free version is limited to 5,000 website visits and includes a banner at the bottom of the page, which is annoying to both the website owner and visitors.
  • Preload cache for warm-up capabilities requires relatively strong hosting to maintain stability.
Easily achieve high scores when using Accelerator.

Easily achieve high scores when using Accelerator.

Comparing with other speed boosting plugins

Bii selected two typical representatives in the field of WordPress website acceleration, WP Rocket and NitroPack, to give you the easiest visualization of the quality of the accelerator

Comparison point


logo accelerator

Wp Rocket

logo wp rocket

Nitro Pack

logo nitro pack

Free version

Yes, there is a limit of 5,000 monthly accesses.



Accelerate in reality

The quality is extremely excellent and significantly reduces page loading time

The acceleration is quite good and stable, this is a nationally-recognized acceleration plugin

There is no significant change in the real-life experience speed

Improve SEO score

Increasing SEO score on search engines is very important. Bii has achieved a score of 100/100 on Google quite easily

The SEO score has improved quite well, however, it is very difficult to achieve the maximum score. The ability to improve the score is not good enough with Accelerator and NitroPack

It is easy to achieve 100/100 on Google, however, in my personal opinion, this score is misleading because the actual performance of the website does not improve much


bảng giá dịch vụ accelerator plugin

Approximately 58 EUR/year/1 website. The price is reasonable considering the performance it delivers

bảng giá wp rocket

Cheaper than Accelerator, 59/year/1 website.

bảng giá nitro pack

The price is high, with the lowest package starting at $17.5 per month or $210 per year for one website, and the performance it delivers is exceptionally poor


30 days

14 days

14 days

Broken website structure

No, Accelerator is perfectly compatible with the website, which is the main reason Bii chose this plugin

Yes, in the case that you over-optimize and use functions such as compression or merging of JS and CSS files, it can cause a change in the layout.

Yes. In my personal opinion, NitroPack’s optimization capability is not good, as the website layout frequently breaks and frustrates users.

Above is a comparison table of basic information about 3 powerful WordPress website acceleration plugins. From a user experience perspective, Bii would choose Accelerator because of the quality it provides, worth every penny.

Not to mention, Accelerator has a free version with the same quality as the premium paid version, so there is no reason why we should not use it to optimize the website’s best experience for users and search engines, right?

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Giao diện Accelerator trong Dashboard của WordPress

Accelerator Interface in WordPress Dashboard.

Instructions for use

This is a toolkit with extremely simple settings, everything is almost done automatically and you do not need to intervene too much in its functions. This plugin is very suitable for those who are new to WordPress and do not have much knowledge of optimizing websites. The setup guide is very simple as follows:

Step 1: In the settings interface, simply locate the line “Begin Setup Wizard” to proceed with the configuration.

bước 1 click vào begin setup wizard để tiến hành tối ưu hóa

Step 2: Click on Start Self Diagnosis for the application to perform analysis and diagnose the website. After the analysis is complete, click Next to proceed to step 3.

bước 2 click start self diagonis để hệ thống tự động quét qua website

Step 3: Choose the suitable format for your website (news or e-commerce). If it’s a news website, select “Always high” and “Always up-to-date” content, and if it’s an e-commerce website, select…

bước 3 chọn loại trang web phù hợp nhất

Step 4: Choose the cache configuration for the website, depending on the hosting you are using. If you are using strong hosting or VPS, a dedicated server, then you should choose High. If your hosting is weak, choose Low.

In the case of Bii, Medium is the most stable option to help the plugin balance the load.

bước 4 chọn hosting phù hợp nhất

Step 5: Click on Universal or Adaptive because this option will save hosting resources, and most current WordPress Themes are optimized for display on mobile devices, so this plugin does not need to create an additional optimized cache version for mobile devices, which would cause wastage.

bước 5 click vào universal sau đó click next

Step 6: Set up the CDN feature. If you are not using a CDN service, click on the first option. In case you are using a CDN, click on “Use CDN” and enter the URL of the CDN service that you are using.

In summary, for those who are unfamiliar, CDN is a content delivery network. It is a method of transmitting information, images, files… of a website to distribution points around the world to reduce the load for hosting and help customers around the world access your website faster.

bước 6 tùy chọn sử dụng cdn hoặc không

Step 7: Check the “Run optimization of all site’s pages” option, then press Finish, and wait for the system to automatically scan and optimize the entire website. The time taken may vary depending on the data on your website. It took Bii only about 5 minutes to optimize the entire website with over 112 articles.

bước 7 tích vào optimize sau đó nhấn finish và kiểm tra kết quả

Accelerator for anyone?

Plugin for:

  1. Have you tried other speed optimization cache plugins and still feel unsatisfied
  2. Does your website break when using other applications
  3. Want to maximize speed on search engines as well as provide the best speed for users
  4. You don’t want to spend a lot of time editing and configuring plugin settings. With Accelerator, everything works automatically. Bii himself has been using it for nearly 8 months without having to edit anything.

If you don’t need this plugin:

  1. You are currently using a different caching plugin and it’s still working well.
  2. You don’t want to spend more money on website optimization. Although Accelerator has a free version, with 5,000 visits per month, it may not meet the demand in most cases.

Question about Accelerator

What is Accelerator?

It is a speed-boosting plugin designed for WordPress websites, featuring an automatic optimization mechanism to improve the website score on search engines and enhance the browsing experience for visitors.

Does the Plugin Accelerator have a free version?

Yes. The free version has full features like the premium paid version, with the only limitation being 5,000 visits and the website will have an advertisement banner inserted at the bottom of the page.

Is this plugin better than other plugins? For instance, WP Rocket?

Based on Bii’s real-world experience when testing and comparing page load speed and Google score, Accelerator provides better results than most other acceleration apps.

Through this article, Bii has introduced you to a high-quality speed-boosting plugin. If you have never used it before, take some time to experience the free version to feel its effectiveness. It may surprise you, just like it did for Bii.

Bii Nguyen

Hello everyone, I’m Bii Nguyen – the founder of this website. The website was created with the desire to spread useful knowledge to everyone.

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