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Author Introduction

Hi everyone!

I’m Viet (also known as Bii Nguyen) – the creator of this website. With a passion for Digital Marketing and over 7 years of learning and constantly updating my knowledge, I have built up a fairly stable foundation of knowledge.

With the desire to share my useful insights and experiences with everyone, the direction of the website https://biiviet.com is to provide information and step-by-step guidance on how to generate online revenue based on digital platforms (SEO, Content Marketing, Affiliate…).

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Category of activities.

WordPress Knowledge Category

Using the most popular open-source WordPress theme in the world will help you easily customize your website according to your wishes. In addition, with a rich collection of themes and plugins, you can design your website with a personal style.

Bii’s websites are also built on this platform, and with years of knowledge and experience, Bii shares useful information about the WordPress topic.

Building Personal Brand

Step-by-step guide to building your own personal brand to generate income and revenue online. You can view this as a supplementary channel to earn additional income or work full-time with it, depending on your preference.

You can directly learn the methods and techniques of building a personal brand and start making money from it on this website. Bii will compile instructions and share the detailed process.


A guide to setting up a direction and providing knowledge to help you build a SEO-friendly website in the eyes of search engines, from on-page to off-page optimization. Optimizing for SEO must go hand in hand with the best user experience, thereby helping your website rank higher on search results.

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With over 7 years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing, Biiviet.com is a blog that shares knowledge on building a personal brand and making money through websites and social media. All the knowledge provided is free and based on real-life experiences.

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