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7 criteria for the best quality WordPress theme




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Choosing a WordPress Theme is a key factor in creating a successful website. The Theme is the backbone and core of the website, a Theme with a beautiful interface and optimized speed will be an important factor in helping you increase revenue. So what is the best quality WordPress Theme? Let’s find out with Bii in detail in this article.

The SEO-standard theme is the top priority for designing a website.

The SEO-standard theme is the top priority for designing a website.

What is Theme?

The WordPress theme is a set of code files and related files used to design and create an intuitive interface for a website based on the open-source WordPress platform. Depending on each manufacturer, the theme will have unique features that differ from others, so currently there are a large number of WordPress themes available.

Currently, WordPress is the largest open-source platform in the world with over 40% of websites using WordPress, so there are many manufacturers participating in the WordPress theme market. Just counting the free theme repository provided by WordPress alone has reached over 10,000 themes.

Due to the diverse and abundant number of themes available, finding a suitable theme for building a website is not an easy task. To facilitate classification, Bii will divide the current popular themes into two main categories:

  1. The theme for news, magazines, and personal pages
  2. The theme for e-commerce stores, retail shops

Right below, Bii shares how to identify and evaluate which Theme is the best for each individual’s needs.

Theme cho trang tin tức và trang bán hàng sẽ có những tiêu chí tối ưu riêng

The themes for news websites and online stores will have their own optimized criteria

Criteria for evaluating a good Theme

The criteria for choosing a good topic as a foundation for building a website are numerous. However, Bii only focuses on the most important factors that affect the ability to generate revenue for the website owner. The specific criteria include:

  1. Fast page loading speed
  2. Good customization ability
  3. Easy to use, user-friendly
  4. Responsive display on multiple devices
  5. Optimized for SEO
  6. Useful and unique features
  7. Compatible with many popular plugins

The theme has a fast page-loading speed

“This is a mandatory requirement when choosing a WordPress Theme because page loading speed directly affects the customer experience and your revenue. In addition, page loading speed is a very important criterion that search engines prioritize. The optimal page loading speed is <2 seconds.

A good quality Theme will be optimized with clean code, without too many queries or nested DIVs leading to a small page size, which makes the page loading speed very good. A good Theme has a page size of <50kb.”

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Good customization ability.

The ability to customize a website is an important requirement to enhance user experience and optimize SEO, making it easy for website visitors to navigate. A good theme will have customizable features for almost everything on the website, from Header, Footer, and Sidebar… allowing creative freedom.

Some good themes that have strong customization capabilities are Blocksy, Kadence, Flatsome… If you are curious about what theme Bii is using for their project, the answer is Cwicly. Bii chose Cwicly because it is a full website customization (FSE) theme with higher customization capabilities than themes like Flatsome and Astra.

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Customize Header Flexibly with Woodmart Theme.

Customize Header Flexibly with Woodmart Theme.

Easy to use for all users.

WordPress is an open-source platform that is accessible to non-programmers and those without coding knowledge. Therefore, a theme that is difficult to use and access can limit its own development potential. A good quality theme should not only have the ability to optimize speed and SEO but also have an intuitive and customizable interface to facilitate easy design for website developers.

Some user-friendly and easy-to-use themes for everyone include Astra and Kadence.

Responsive and compatible with multiple devices

Responsive display compatibility is a mandatory criterion for websites today. The reason is that users increasingly use smartphones and tablets. A website that does not support responsive display compatibility on different devices and browsers will be a disadvantage. This affects the user experience, causing negative effects on search engines.

Compatibility with devices is also a criterion that search engines like Google, and Bing … care about. Therefore, a theme that supports responsive compatibility is a mandatory requirement. Most current WordPress themes already support this feature.

Responsive is a mandatory requirement for websites today

Responsive is a mandatory requirement for websites today

Optimize SEO

A beautiful interface website that does not support optimal SEO will make your website worthless, like a decoration that does not generate revenue for the website owner. An SEO-optimized theme will support necessary features such as optimizing the Title, meta tags, descriptions, URL structure for each page, category, Silo hierarchical structure…

In addition, the theme needs to support other SEO features such as social sharing, setting up call-to-action buttons, creating article outlines… Overall, a high-quality theme will support SEO capabilities to help your website increase quality score and increase the ability to rank top on search engines.

Some highly SEO-supported themes are Cwicly, the theme that Bii is using, and the interface you are reading in this article is also designed and modified by Bii to optimize SEO. Besides, you can install some comprehensive SEO optimization plugins such as RankMath and Yoast SEO to solve this problem.

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The SEO support theme helps you improve your ranking on search engines

The SEO support theme helps you improve your ranking on search engines

Useful, unique feature.

Features are what make the difference for a Theme. Each provider will custom design their own unique features for their product, making it unique and appealing to customers.

A high-quality Theme will integrate many good features, which will help you avoid installing too many plugins on your website. Using many plugins to add features will make the website heavy and increase loading time, adversely affecting the user experience. Additionally, using many plugins may cause conflicts that disrupt the website’s existing structure.

The features provided by the Theme manufacturer will optimize website performance and improve user experience more than using third-party plugins, as it is designed for a unified block, limiting the possibility of damaging the website structure. Some essential features for a quality WordPress Theme can include:

  1. Support for customizable content (hook content): this is a utility that allows you to add any element to the website structure, such as images, text, videos, and banners… to help website owners customize as desired.
  2. Create breadcrumb navigation to mark the URL structure for increased SEO effectiveness.
  3. Support for Ajax search is a crucial feature for e-commerce websites, helping to maximize user experience by allowing them to find desired products without having to reload the page multiple times.
  4. The ability to work with page builders and Gutenberg allows Theme to reach a broader audience, giving customers the freedom to choose their preferred application for their work.
  5. The Theme supports creating a post table of contents, sharing buttons, following social media pages, creating popups to increase conversion rates, and various product and post-filters to help customers find the necessary information easily.
Woodmart is a high-quality WordPress theme with many customizations for e-commerce.

Woodmart is a high-quality WordPress theme with many customizations for e-commerce.

Compatible with many popular plugins

For WordPress, plugins are an essential component for most websites, they are supplementary utilities that help complete your website quickly and easily. A good quality WordPress theme will be compatible with the ability to work with most popular plugins such as:

  1. Woocommerce: a plugin for e-commerce websites, it is the most powerful plugin with over 5 million downloads.
  2. Page builder (Elementor, DIVI): the world’s most popular page builder, allowing you to easily customize your website without requiring coding skills with its drag-and-drop style.
  3. Cache plugins (WP Rocket, Litespeed): these plugins help create caching and optimize CSS, JS, and HTML, making your website load faster.
  4. SEO support plugins (Yoast, Rankmath, AIO SEO…): it can be said that SEO plugins are an indispensable component of WordPress if you want to optimize the best SEO possible on search engines such as Google and Bing.
  5. Contact Form 7: a plugin that supports creating forms to receive information, addresses, and emails of customers, helping you collect data and increase conversion rates to generate revenue.

Above are the plugins on the list of the most commonly used. A good quality WordPress theme must be compatible with the ability to work with those plugins.

Blocksy is a WordPress theme that is user-friendly and has good-quality SEO standards

Blocksy is a WordPress theme that is user-friendly and has good-quality SEO standards

Good quality WordPress theme list.

Based on 7 quality evaluation criteria for a WordPress theme above, Bii shares with readers some very good quality WordPress themes after more than 7 years of working with WordPress. This sharing is based on personal experience and practical knowledge.

Blog theme, magazine

  1. Blocksy: An extremely lightweight, fast-loading theme that is SEO-friendly and highly customizable with hook content, allowing you to edit and add content to your website layout effectively. Especially suitable for Gutenberg enthusiasts.
  2. Kadence: Similar to Blocksy in features, Kadence can be said to be 80% similar to Blocksy. This is an extremely lightweight theme that is SEO optimized.
  3. Cwicly: This is the theme that Bii is using to create this website, with the advantage of being able to edit the entire website structure without being limited by any rules.
  4. GeneratePress: The fastest optimized theme currently available, even better than Blocksy and Kadence, this is an extremely lightweight, clean, and SEO-standard compliant theme.

Sales theme – Woocommerce

  1. Woodmart: The best theme for sales with Woocommerce, with flexible Ajax search support, detailed filters, and especially the ability to display high and smooth images. Based on Bii’s experience, this is the best sales theme of 2023.
  2. Flatsome: With powerful customization capabilities with their own UX builder, Flatsome is the best-selling WordPress theme for e-commerce on Themeforest. In Vietnam, Flatsome is the most commonly used theme with a large supporting community.
  3. Astra: Extremely sophisticated and easy-to-use customizable theme, Astra has upgraded its interface and features by working perfectly with their Spectra block. Currently, Astra’s free version has more than 1 million downloads and over 5,000 5-star ratings on the WordPress theme repository.

Question about WordPress theme

Should free WordPress themes be used?

If you are a beginner in building websites, get acquainted with free Themes until the need arises to expand features, then consider upgrading to the premium version.

Introduce to me a high-quality shopping and news theme

Bii introduces themes based on your criteria as follows:
For an e-commerce theme: Astra
For a news, blog, and magazine theme: Blocksy

What is the best WordPress theme currently?

There are many good WordPress themes, however, the standard for choosing the best theme currently depends on each person’s perspective. There is no best WordPress theme because it depends on the feature requirements for each individual.

Hopefully this article has provided you with additional information in the process of choosing a suitable theme to build your website!

Bii Nguyen

Hello everyone, I’m Bii Nguyen – the founder of this website. The website was created with the desire to spread useful knowledge to everyone.

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